Our Studio

St. Peters Academy of Dance S.P.A.D. is committed to educating each students about the critical aspects of dance, building self-esteem, confidence and discipline in each of its dancers. Students are encouraged to participate in an atmosphere that is both positive and professional.

S.P.A.D. is known as the best-run studio in the area and was voted the #1 Dance Studio in St. Charles County by the Suburban Journal newspapers. The office is well organized and “always” staffed by individuals who are sensitive to parental issues. Every effort is made to keep the parents informed and prepared.

An important aspect of teaching dance is hiring quality teachers. Therefore, S.P.A.D. employs teachers with a BA in dance education or an Associate’s degree in dance and other similar educational degrees. S.P.A.D. provides educational dance curriculum for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. It also has developed a strong competitive dance curriculum. Instructors encourage each student to do their best.